Slope114 live at Church of Super Serge

We played a warm up set for Church Of Super Serge @ Robotspeak, before our gig in Detroit this weekend.

Our audio recorder for live sets seems to be broken, and our DSLR stops recording every 15 minutes but we managed to get some footage , with some help from friends.

Here is the longest video taken, a live stream archive our buddy Gonzo captured:


Here are two videos our DSLR caught, sorry still just camera audio.




& here is my little Church Of The Super Serge video for this month. beginning of our set is on there at around 8 minutes in.

Here is the rig:

Octatrack, Ambika, Black Hole Maker, Memory Man, EHX Looper, EHX Cathedral. scratchy sounding little mixer, Mic pre, Compressor &  mic


ps: Thanks Gonzo !13428430_10154039196072530_6864158075603992931_n