New Slope114 music video “Be Supreme”


Slope114 @ Ministry of Sound London!

Ministry of Sound hit our inbox & we jumped for joy!



contracts signed!


Live stream broadcasted a short video of our selves preparing for the gig:

We caught that boat & played a gig in Stroud the night before Ministry with Situation Sounds crew aka BRS 

Video log of our night at Ministry of Sound

Sunday we were chillin slightly exhausted, contemplating which record store to go to when we received a last minute invite to a party called Ride The Walrus in Brixton. When we researched a way to get there, we found that it was a short single buss ride. The bus stop was the “F” right in front of our hotel and the bus number was 415 (San francisco area code). We couldn’t say no to that & were very glad that we got up off our asses! The vibe was LIVE!

Our new Homie Shane Watcha of zombiesoundsystem caught us in the act of riding the walrus. Live streamed from his cell phone, audio drops for a bit early on but if you skip past that section it comes back full force.

My brother & sister in law joined us for the trip to England. He is an amazing photographer, caught some photos of us. Far better than my usual snaps.

Photos & video of Ministry of Sound performance by Carlos Ponce







Slope114 Travel Rigs

_Recent time Kink came to SF he told us to make our travel rigs extremely easy to set up quickly. ***Shout Out to Kink!*** Thanks Homey! So here we go. When you book Slope114 we show up with his & her’s carry on suit cases pre wired. We can be set up to play live in 5 minutes or less. Our only Performance writer is a 6’x3′ table space, & a 12 channel mixer.


Power strip and pedals (industrial strength) Velcro’d in, warts zip tied to the strips.




Power strip and pedals (industrial strength) Velcro’d in, warts zip tied to the strips.


Serge High Gain Amp as a mic pre so we don’t clip at the looper. THAT VCA compressor to make that lead vocal nice and level.


Book SLOPE114! We are good to go!